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Interactive agency creates and implements companies image on the Internet based on marketing aims presented by a client interactive agency
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About us

What are we doing?

We present our clients the ways how to apply internet technologies aimed on reaching business purposes.

We appreciate clients that are open to implement interesting and creative concepts, that will be more noticable and efficient than other Internet presentations.

We create projects from IT areas:

  • Creating a professional image on the Internet – e-marketing, corporate and products websites
  • Internet promotion and advertising
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Database systems

We put much attention on the reliability. Experience of many companies shows how important aspect while choosing an interactive agency is the quality of service.

The end of an implementation process is often just the beginning of a longlasting cooperation. We offer a wide range of products and consulting that are aimed on increasing the level of efficiency of all actions taken on the Internet.

Other sections:

What are we doing?
Years 2003-2005


13.12.2005 : VIAGRA Information
04.04.2005 : JOBPILOT.PL – Easter e-cards campaign
23.01.2005 : Conformance to XHTML 1.0
31.12.2004 : SZCZECINSKA ENERGETYKA CIEPLNA - a new website
31.12.2004 : HOME.PL - our new client
13.12.2004 : ENERGOPOL - SZCZECIN S.A. - contract
10.11.2004 : MULTIKO - furniture manufacturer and reseller
01.08.2004 : BRANZOWA KSIAZKA TELEFONICZNA BKT - Yellow Pages for the West Pomerania


System CMS

Our offer:

Professional image on the Internet
Internet marketing
Corporate website
Internet advertising
Flash presentations
Public Relations
Search Engine Marketing
Flash banners


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