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Interactive agency creates and implements companies image on the Internet based on marketing aims presented by a client interactive agency
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Professional image on the Internet

Why is it so important to concentrate on the company image on the Internet? Explanation is in the example presented below.

A potential client has an appointment and arrives to the company`s headquater. He reaches the building and starts to examine what he sees. He enters the office paying attention to the furniture, equipments, elements of Corporate Identity and finally employees. In such way, the potential client forms an opinion (`first impression`) about the company that he is interested to cope with.

Analogous mechanisms work while geting an opinion about the company during the visit on its website.

That is why our actions are aimed to build the atmosphere of trust and to emphasise the quality of services provided by our clients who are concentrated on their strategic goals.

At the first moment the website visitor will concentrate on the graphic layout. Afterwards his eyes will focus on the usability aspects like: content structure, navigation system, and the most important - time needed to reach the information he really wants to find. If the visitor uses the site to contact with the company or just to read materials in Public Relation chapter, then he will get to the conclusion that the owner of the website took care about its image on the Internet.

Our specialisation is to create a professional image of our clients on the Internet.

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