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BKT - TV advertising spot

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2 weeks

One of the main elements of BKT Publisher marketing strategy is the advertising campaign in TV GRYF. The purpose of the tv spot was to create an image of BKT as a stable partner on advertising and promotion market. The slogan is "BKT - information is the priority

Longtime experience of BKT comes with two strategic products:

  • Regional Yellowpages - it is the first such publication in Zachodniopomorskie Region - specific for it is a clear division of companies and institutions on regions with its economical and administration information.
  • Szczecin`s Medical Brochure - for 3 years it helps patients to find a doctor, pharmacy or clinic - addresses, telephone numbers, descriptions.

BKT can be described as a strong publisher with a wide range of cooperators in the whole region. It allows to provide complex services in advertisement, promotion and public relations enterprises.

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