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Animex - export department in Szczecin

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4 weeks

We have prepared a specification that was the effect of thorough analysis done in Szczecin`s export division of ANIMEX group. The aim was to research formal and informal information system - internal communication, procedures and mechanism that take place while executing orders.

Basing on the specification we have built the Trade Management System and implemented it in February 2004.

  • preparing Trade Forms containing detailed information about domestic and export cooperators, products, prices, exchange rates, custom service, certificates, specifications etc.
  • generating Confirmations of Purchase Order for producers and receivers
    payments management
  • schedule for every user of the system
  • administrating resources such as: cooperators, system`s users, exchange rates, products

In a coming time the intranet software will be enhanced with new modules generating monthly reports basing on the data inserted to the system. It will allow the management to analyse orders statistics - differences in prices, amounts, cooperators.

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