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Multiko - office, hotel, restaurant furniture

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Corporate websites

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4 weeks

MULTIKO Ltd. is the member of Allians Group associating the biggest companies in Poland that specialise in comprehensive office, bank, hotel, restaurant and cafe furnishing. In 2003 MULTIKO Ltd. established and applies a Quality System for comprehensive interior furnishing confirmed by ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

The main goal of the Internet campaign was to build a new marketing channel as a base for all actions concerning export sale (especially for Germany). The new website was build to stress the innovative and unconventional character of Multiko`s products and service.

While designing the layout of the website we concentrated on the structure of a content as well as on the aesthetic aspects. On the front we put a product calogue that is the center of the website. The whole navigation panel with links to different sections was situated on the bottom of the page. Such scheme enables to concentrate the attention of the website visitor on the main sphere - Multiko offer.

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